The Friends of Moormead committee (elected June 2019) 

  • Ann Hopkins
  • Graeme Walker
  • Harry Jacobs
  • James Bishop (vice-chair)
  • Janey Welbourne
  • Kate Cox
  • Mandie Adams-McGuire
  • Moir Leslie
  • Nikki Gouldstone
  • Victor Warner
  • Will Flower (chair)



The Friends of Moormead was officially formed on 5th March 2013 to provide a formal body which has as its main object the preservation and enhancement of the character of Moormead Park.

At the suggestion of Mr David Allister, Head of Parks, a number of residents formed the organisation. There is a formal constitution and a properly constituted Committee to help run it. The Friends of Moormead is entirely independent of Richmond Council.

There are two situations facing Moormead that will require action, input and consultations:

  1. The development of Twickenham Station includes a walkway from the station, along the Crane, ending up in the SW corner by the existing bridge to Cole Park Road. Until it is built no-one has any idea how it will impact on Moormead.
  2. The pavilion is in a sorry state. It cannot be used in its present condition. It needs to be demolished or re-furbished. There have been a number of suggestions over the years for a food & drink facility to be incorporated. The reconstruction or refurbishment of the pavilion will cost a substantial sum of money which can only come from us council tax payers and be mitigated by a relatively small rent.

The Friends of Moormead is neither a legislative nor an enforcement body. It exists solely to further the enjoyment of Moormead by residents and users by advising and consulting with Richmond Council.




Map of Moormead Park