All signed up members are invited to attend and non-Friends who want to attend are welcome to come along on the night and join. Please note that there is, at the moment, no joining fee nor subscription.

The Agenda, as required by the constitution will be :-

  1. Welcome & Introductions
  2. Annual Report from the Chairperson ( already emailed in February 2014 but attached for reference)
  3. Nominations and re-elections for committee
  4. Any other business- Questions and answers
  5. Close

Please note that the Committee members nominated and elected at the inaugural meeting are:-

  • Stephen Alexander - Chairman
  • Mandie Adams McGuire - Vice Chair
  • James Bishop
  • Peter Bloom
  • Nikki Gouldstone
  • Harry Jacobs
  • Barney King
  • Moir Leslie
  • Maddie Menzies
  • Robin Narayan
  • Lloyd Wilson
  • Peter Wilson

More Information

  • The AGM will be held in The Winchester Hall, Turk's Head, Winchester Road, St Margarets
  • Monday 14th April 2014 at TIME: 1800 for 1830
  • If any of the current committee wishes to resign or anyone wishes to nominate themselves, please let us know before the meeting
14:12, 17 Apr 2014 by Diana Cano