Wednesday 27th June 2018 at Winchester Hall, Turks Head, Winchester Road

Welcome and introduction

Mandie Adams McGuire (Chair and minutes), introduced Cllr Geoff Acton, David Allister (Head of Parks LBRUT) and Gariesh Sharma (Moormead Community and Sport Pavilion) and thanked them all for attending.

There were fifteen in attendance

Apologies received from: Pete Smith (St Margarets Fair Committee member) and Nora McGlone

Committee - Stephen Alexander, James Bishop, Harry Jacobs, Barney King & Liza Nischal

The current committee were re-elected unanimously. These are:-

  • Stephen Alexander - Chairman
  • Mandie Adams McGuire - Vice Chair
  • James Bishop
  • Peter Bloom (alternate = Rosie Bloom)
  • Nikki Gouldstone
  • Harry Jacobs
  • Barney King
  • Moir Leslie
  • Liza Nischal

No new people have offered to stand.

The Pavilion

Lengthy discussion took place on the progress made since our last meeting on 28th June 2017. Gareish restated his intention to raise funds for a rebuild of the pavilion estimated at £1.5million. Gariesh set up a charity 'Moormead Community and Sport Pavilion' in 2017 prior to our last meeting. (This is still going through the formalities of Charity Commission registration). He has had discussion with many funding bodies since last year including 'Bring Back Cricket', ECB, Football Foundation, RFU, Middlesex FA and LTA. He feels funding opportunities are looking good including London Marathon. Gariesh stated there is a lot of goodwill and local support for the project.

It was voiced how everyone feels it is so great to see children so fully using the Mead now with the football. Running would be a good addition as well as the newly established children's cricket. There was concern over adult cricket being re-established but everyone was assured this will not happen because of the size of pitch being too close to cars and houses.

David A was asked whether the Council match funds. He stated this is not what the Council agrees to-they base their decision on funds promised by other bodies and give a percentage of the build costs.

David A reiterated to the meeting, and to Gariesh, that the Council position remains the same; they are keen to see a rebuild on Moormead, rather than refurb which would cost approximately 300k but would only be a short-term solution. However, they require assurances from Gariesh, and these have as yet been unforthcoming. The history so far is that Gariesh has not yet provided neither plans nor drawings. It's been over 2 years since the first meeting when it was generally agreed that the football group were the best group to oversee the project of the rebuild. More than 6 months ago David A gave Gariesh a further 6 months to come up with plans etc and so he feels frustrated that this time line has not been met.

David A was questioned who would take on the long-term maintenance once the building is in place. The building would remain council owned.

Gariesh said 4 local architects have given their time free towards the project. When questioned he stated that there are still no sketches or rough plans and no indication of the footprint envisaged.

David A stated that the Council planning dept will only agree to the current footprint. This would obviously have to take into account the trees close by etc. The planning dept have strict regulations that will need to be met and the first thing needed is the engagement of planning consultants. Gariesh has not employed them yet as he doesn't want to waste funds. David A reiterated that this is the first step in the process and needs to be done. Gareish stated he has been frustrated by wanting to have a conversation with the planning dept to better understand what is needed before spending any money, as other projects have spent funds only to be rejected.

David A emphasised planning permission has to be in place before the Council will become fully involved. In order to get planning permission clear guidelines exist:

  1. Drawings required
  2. Pre-plan advice
  3. Funding - meet requirements
  4. The project will need planning permission before any funding is offered

Mandie suggested that in order to progress the matter, Gareish, David A, Geoff A and FOM represented by Stephen and herself should meet with someone from the planning department asap. All these parties agreed to do this and Mandie said she would send out an email after the meeting to all concerned to try to set this up. (This she has done subsequently).

It was suggested that there should be clear 'milestones' for people to see progress is being made. It was therefore agreed that a meeting of FOM should be held in the autumn to hear progress, rather than waiting till the next AGM.

Meanwhile concern was voiced about the pavilion becoming hazardous because of children climbing on the roof etc causing a potential danger to themselves and others. If the Council were to knock it down would it ever be rebuilt?

Fly tipping has been noticed by the pavilion. Noted by David A.

Lower Crane Partnership

Everyone was in agreement that the opening up of the River Crane would be a positive addition to Moormead

Any other business

Moir Leslie asked about the new station and the walkway being opened up to Moormead. Geoff A stated that this is still proposed and is part of the multi million pound plans to improve the station and access which is underway. St Margarets station will also soon hopefully become more accessible with opening up the entrance in Amyand Park Road.

16:13, 27 Jun 2018 by Diana Cano